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 Post subject: Just got back from the free NYC show...
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2002 12:05 pm 

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Great day and a great vibe. It was only Dexta and one other (Robbie methinks) but I can't imagine how the set could have sounded any fuller with all 5.

They basically hit the entire set on Sugar with a few changes. They started off with the Ibiza set (the crowd seemed real confused by the Parks tunes) and people started really feeling it around "Fools Fall In Love". They went into Dre after SILY/Madonna/Dylan but ended up back into the Jackson 5 tune (which the crowd ate up with a spoon). They also dropped Kiss/Modjo/Destiny's as well as the Grave Pit/Around the World mix before settleing into the Police/Aztek Mystic jam and ending (typically) with the MC5's. I was hoping to hear some new jams but with a 90 minute free set, I really cannot complain. Come back to NYC or Philly soon!!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2002 8:38 am 

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thanks for the report. i wish i could've made it to the show, but it was too far to travel.

sounds like a fun time, but wouldn't you think the guys would get tired of playing virtually the same set over and over and over and over? some of those mixes date back like two years now, don't they?

 Post subject: not so tired
PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2002 9:54 am 

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they may very well get bored of playing the set, but the audience won't.. especially when the audience haven't ever heard anything like it before

i'm more interested in what the rest of the band is doing while robbie & dexter are off galavanting around the world?

if i was them, it'd be cocaine ;)

 Post subject: Centro-Fly
PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2002 10:28 am 

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I heard alot of new jams at the centro-fly show. The first set was done by Robbie and friends. Friends being little midget arms and heads boucing around the DJ booth. His set was mainly hiphop and reggae tracks. Very nice, although the mixing could have been more technical. This set defintely appealed to candy-ravers, and the guys with tight shirts. I liked it because I was very high and he had picked some obscure reggae. Although I was hoping to hear some Mad Lion, I cannot fault him any style points.

Dexta in all his glory started with Ibizia and everything seemed pretty same old, until I heard Llorca thrown in. From that point on, he seemed to be playing alot of newer material. More dance oriented tracks... mixing the atypical "Around The World" with a constant hard beat. This was the first time I heard one of thier sets on a large system and I was floored. I got pretty drunk during his set so I can only estimate the time based on when I got back to the hotel. I think his set was close to 2 hours, with the first set being an hour.

For all intensive purposes Dexta mixed in to DJ Dan very nicely. Athough we left shorty before the kids pulled out glowsticks.

fun fun.

seriously, these guys need to make it to the east coast more often. I'm not trying to drive 6 hours to see them next time.

ok. maybe i will.

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